Monday, June 13, 2016

You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Chains

I made a decision tonight, to abandon Facebook. To sever a direct line of communication that has become so ubiquitous. And I am back within the realms of my blog, on a platform now considered obsolete, without much anonymity, but without the easy searchability of Facebook.

I had to make a decision today. A decision a lot of folks make daily, and one that I will never live with comfortably. For every time you betray your true self, a bit of your soul dies.

See, after working hard to build myself up, after college and career boosts, I found myself forced to go backwards into retail. In a position that, I believed, involved some measure of technical skill and would be a proper use of my talents.

But it is a front. When you go into my employer, you don't get PC repair. You get a floor associate who plugs your computer in and connects it to remote technicians who do nothing more than run scripts. And these technicians are paid ghastly low wages, and replaced very easily.

I had to turn down two customers this week who needed real help, because I am not allowed to go offsite, and because the onsite services provided by this company are also outsourced, at vastly high rates (think in the $200/hour range).

I can only continue to do that in good conscience for so long. And, truth be told, it is only a matter of time before this article is found and I'm outed anyway. But this does buy me some time.

I was hired because they had a problem with the current tech. They said they wanted to get rid of him, and for three months, they have done nothing more than promise, while he steals my leads, comes in whenever he wants, and chooses his hours while I am told that if I want to be a full time employee, I must be available ANY hours the store is open. No second jobs, no planning for a life around work, I am theirs the hours they are open. While the same standard is NOT held for the other tech.

I am tired of working with nothing to show for it. Tired of broken promises, and of an employer for whom your best is never good enough. But I am at the same time grateful because I am reminded that what I have been experiencing these past few months, many Americans have been experiencing for years.

To my employer, should you find this: I am coming for you. And since organizing is not illegal, you had better find another reason, and believe me, I'm taking notes. You can only treat your workers poorly for so long before they stand up.

You started this. And I will finish it. And I will prayerfully do this with my labor brothers and sisters alongside me in the struggle.

You have awakened a sleeping giant. You WILL fall.

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